Lunch time linking

A bit of lunch-time surfing has uncovered the following.

The navigation may be a bit tricksy (use the dots at the bottom left), but you will want to follow this site through to it's somewhat gruesome conclusion. For a company that is selling wedding rings made from lab-grown bone (i.e. you and your partner both undergo biopsies, and the ring is cut from bone grown in a lab from the extracted tissue) it doesn't try to downplay the morbidity in favour of the undeniable biological intimacy of the gesture (literally giving a piece of yourself, eh?), but instead provides you with pictures of suitably gothic bone cathedrals, writhing worms, and a mouse that's got a human ear growing from its back (Bosch and Bruegel would've been proud).

On a completely different note, found this t-shirt being advertised that just seems like a stroke of genius in terms of the art of the T-shirt punch line, being both undeniably true and at the same time complicit with so many assumptions. Of course, it only really works when worn by a girl: the photo of the guy wearing it just shows how incredibly wrong it can also look. This by way of preshrunk, which gathers up other interesting T shirts like "if i had a dollar for everytime i had sixty-cents, I would be canada".


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