My Christmas present from the wife was a pair of tickets to the Sting concert. At over thirty, I finally go to my first rock concert - albeit one with an aging rocker, and equally aging demographic (you could tell how old the crowd was: the biggest cheers were raised for the songs that we listened to as teenagers). Still, the man is good as gold - the years have only made him better, I say, and the crowd was equally game to go along with his lead, Sting pulling and tugging the energy levels like a maestro. There was even time for K and I to appreciate the irony of an entire concert hall chanting in perfect unison "Be yourself / No matter what they say", in a stunningly communal expression of individuality.

We even did the groupie thing and bought Official Tour Merchandise - so we could truly say we'd been there, done that, and bought the T-shirts. I left the concert slightly deaf in one ear, and buzzing from the music that was still running through my head. Excellent.


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