Twinkle's mugshot

Twinkle's mugshot, originally uploaded by Wahj.

The photos so far don't really do justice to Twinkle's most striking feature - her eyes. Even this one doesn't quite capture the subtle green of them. Not jade green - unless we're talking about the pale faded smoothness of aged jade. Not quite the green of tropical seas - although there have been some beaches I've seen that have had that colour. Not quite anything really - but there they are, set in a delicate face sloping to a pointed muzzle.

Her socialisation grows apace. Last night, she behaved much better: rather than try and sleep on us, or paw us through the night, she slept on her own. On K's pillow. Immovable as a rock. K bumped over to take over some of my pillow space, and we occupied two-thirds of our bed, with a tiny sub-kilogram kitten taking up the remaining third, blissfully unaware that there was anything particularly wrong with that.

After all, as all cats instinctively know, they are the centre of the universe.


Anonymous said…
tell me abt cat sleeps right in the middle of my bed. I have to curl up and sleep in a corner. My mum's arm chair is her throne now.

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