When I first read Little Red Boat a few years back, the impression I had was Bridget Jones made flesh in the blogosphere. Here are her musings on the possibility of Killer Cows ...

"And, if I heard right, I've now been justified in my beliefs. I was right. And everyone told me that cows were peaceful, cudloving big-beasts were wrong. Wrong I tell you, wrong. Is that why cows are untouchable in some parts of the world - because, essentially, they know better, that you never, EVER, fuck with a cow? Should the phrase be 'Sacred Cow' or, would perhaps 'Scary Cow' be more fitting?"

Another link found off her site is Angry 15 yr olds for Bush, which contains such gems as:

Here is George W Bush screeming at a bunch of terrists at the UN meeting he went to. He said "STOP HATING AMERICAS U R TOO STUPID DON'T YOU KNOW WHE WILL BLOW UP YAR HAUSES?!?!"

That is why George W Bush is so awesome, he is not afraut to screem at the terrosist and go to war and all John Kerry can do is be a dumb soljer who just listens to the big man in chrage whose name is no one elses but GEORGE W BUSH!!!
[Angry 15 year olds for Bush]
Almost certainly a parody site: the alternative would be too painful to contemplate (although Packrat has shown that there are some 24 year olds out there whose good sense and maturity would hardly fill matchbox anyway).


Packrat said…
That's some funny stuff man.

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