K has blogged about it already, so I'll just mention that over the past few days we've taught Twinkle how to play catch. Which is amazing, since I've always thought cats couldn't be taught to fetch, or at least wouldn't be caught dead doing something as beneath their dignity as fetching.

The one problem with this lovely domestic picture hit home two nights ago, when Twinkle kept jumping on the bed with her sock to play fetch with us, when all I wanted to do was sleep. Having several kilos of cat run over your stomach just as you're slipping into sleep is a really unpleasant way of being jolted awake. Needless to say, I slept really badly that night ... which is the price we pay for being able to say (proudly) "Our cat fetches!"

(what about the other two cats, you say? Well, Patch does an amazing trick where she disappears whenever we have visitors, and Iffy has Remote Toilet Sensing capabilities - whenever we go to the toilet, she magically appears and tries to come in with us. I figure it's because she was isolated there when we first go her and she was sick)


that's like Belle wanting to play ball *all* the time :-)

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