Two views of the woods

These two photos were both taken at the park, in almost the same location. The dark gloomy picture was taken first, underexposed 2 stops, then we walked forward, and I pointed the camera up, and overexposed 2 stops instead. I ran them through photoshop to tone down the green from the infra-red images, and heighten the contrast between the dark and light patches.

The result is two very different images, both of which I've put up because I can't decide which I like better. The first image is what I had in my mind's eye when I was walking through the park and the Robert Frost's words kept running through my mind - "The woods are lovely, dark and deep ...", and the second is me trying to get a sense of the surreal into the image.

dark woods, originally uploaded by Wahj.

bright woods, originally uploaded by Wahj.


i like darkwoods better. but i wonder what would happen if the foliage was dark and the trunks + branches were light instead. hmm...

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