For those of us thinking about spending a wad of cash on a lightsaber (you know who you are), perhaps you can offset that by making your own Jedi robe. The basic design seems sound, though I'd round out the back of the hood (unless you're aiming for an Episode 4 Obi-wan pointed hood look).

Also from the same website, invent-a-word: type in a word, specify prefix, suffix, and number of letters overlapping, and you get a list of chimeric, portmanteau-like words.

For example, "teacher" gives us the inspiring "teachero" (teacher + hero), as well as the odd "teacherbivore", and the following oddballs (with suggested definitions from me):

teacher + herb = teacherb (coffee, I'd say)
teacher + herd = teacherd (the contents of a staff room)
teacher + herder = teacherder (teacher who spends most of his/her time getting students from Point A to Point B: possibly a PE teacher)
teacher + hereafter = teachereafter (where you go after you finish your last pile of marking: believed fictional by some. Finishing the last pile of marking, that is)
teacher + hereditary = teachereditary (the phenomenon where children of teachers become teachers; a lot of the people I know have a teacher somewhere in their immediate bloodline, so this might be more real than we think)
teacher + heresy = teacheresy (for example, suggesting that student learning might actually be more important than examination results)
teacher + hermits = teachermits (those who retire into seclusion, only to emerge in times of great need. As relief teachers)


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