dead ants

fallen angel 1

I've always been better at collecting than sorting. My collection of digital photos is as messy as everything I own, and I've recently started digging through them to re-discover good shots I've taken in the past. (also, since I paid for a pro membership on flickr, I've been staring at this 2 GB monthly upload limit wondering how I'm going to even make a dent in it ...yes, yes, I know don't have to upload all 2 GBs, but it just feels so wrong to waste all that capacity ...)

fallen angel 2

These are some of my oldest digital photos, from 2002. One morning, the beach at Mayang Sari was littered with the corpses of these flying ants. The came out after the previous nights rain for their mating flight, and in the morning, they covered the beach, bodies plastered against the wet sands, and in their death struggles, some of them had scooped out little curved hollows in the sand ... the shallow depressions marked the limit of each insects arms and antennae, and were both beautiful and eerie. Looking at each ant, you could see their desperation marked out in the sand by these inadvertant sand sculptures.



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