Kite Flying

kite flying
(this image is best viewed large)

Yesterday was just one of those days where the gods of photography smile on you and dump a windfall of shots into your lap.

This photograph came at the end of a long day of failed geocaching, when I was all ready to pack it in and go home, but K suggested we go to Upper Peirce Reservoir, (in retrospect, another excellent idea from her ... I should listen to my wife more) which was where I took this set of photos of kite-flying. It's best viewed large so that you can scroll through and follow each kite down until it reaches the girl at the end, who seems to be pulling with all her might at the 10 little kites attached to the string.

The full story behind the photo starts after a late breakfast at the coffeeshop. K and I decided to do some geocaching, which we've been very remiss at: I had released the travel bug Jesse earlier this year in Canada (explained at the end of this post) and he's made it as far as California now (which isn't all that much closer to Vienna, but he's getting there slowly) but Celine (the other travel bug of this pair) has been on my keychain for the past 5 months while we've procrastinated. We finally dropped her off at the Cherry's Spiridon cache yesterday afternoon, so now that both of them are "in the wild", here's hoping that they'll reunite, somehow.

That was followed by an exhausting hour spent looking for this cache, which we couldn't find (extremely frustrating). We found the correct vicinity despite extremely poor GPS reception (and a diversion to take photographs on Amoy Street: more of that in a later post), but couldn't find the right tree.

We decided to abandon the next one we went for when the GPS indicated it was on the grounds of the Khalsa Association: neither of us look very Sikh, so that was that. (in retrospect, perhaps we should've stopped the car and tried ... who knows ... never mind: next time).

Tomorrow is NDay, and we're planning to return to Upper Peirce, this time with kites of our own, and a picnic. K's sister may be coming along too, with her two little kids, and the dog, making it truly a caravan of fun (don't ask how we're gonna fit all into the car: we haven't worked that one out yet). We've talked about bringing our cats for an "excursion" to the great outdoors, but the truth is neither K nor I would risk our cats outside the house, and especially after the stunt Iffy just pulled.



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