Klingon Fairy Tales

I consider myself a bit of a lapsed Trekkie. I started with re-runs of the original series in the eighties, moved on to intermittent viewing of TNG (studying in one country and spending summer in another, I couldn't keep the continuity of seasons up. plus I was supposed to be studying), and completely missed DS9 (that's right: I have not watched a single episode). When K and I got married, they started showing Voyager on cable, and in the first 2 years of our marriage, we watched the all 7 seasons 2.5 times as they looped it. We've just started on Enterprise, which we now learn has been cancelled after 5 seasons.

Anyway, I was quite a big Klingon fan in the old days (I have a copy of Marc Orkand's The Klingon Dictionary and Klingon for the Galactic Traveller, and managed to get as far as "Launch Torpedoes!" before I lost interest - but this was before the internet, and the vast support group of Klingon speakers that have sprung up - perhaps I should try taking up Klingon again ...) so this post from McSweeney's Internet Tendency called Klingon Fairy Tales was quite amusing for me. For example:

"Goldilocks Dies With Honor at the Hands of the Three Bears"

"Snow White and the Six Dwarves She Killed With Her Bare Hands and the Seventh Dwarf She Let Get Away as a Warning to Others"

More, of course, can be found here.



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