Mommy's little girl

Iffy looks up
Of our 3 cats, Iffy is the most adoring and needy. Patch has become increasingly hermit-like and reticent; Twinkle is the hooligan little tyke, always getting into trouble; but Iffy is Mommy's Little Girl. She's also the smallest of the 3 cats - older than Twinkle, yet only about the size of Twinkle as a kitten.

It's funny how the cats personalities have changed: as we've added cats to the household at approximately one-year intervals, there's an accompanying shift of roles and personae. Patch was a warm, loving and trusting cat when we brought her in, the undisputed Queen of the house. After she was spayed, she became increasingly contemplative and quiet, spending more time staring out the window. When Iffy was introduced into the equation, Patch's role solidified as the quiet, responsible older sister, and Iffy the demanding little sister. When Twinkle came in, she usurped the Brat position, shifting Iffy into the needy and dependent role, and Patch more so into the position of the reclusive hermit. We love them all anyway, of course.


tscd said…
Do you ever allow your cats to go walking outside?
wahj said…
No ... for several reasons, but primarily because they're still culling stray cats out there.

Which I'm still unhappy about - the decision to cull cats was a knee-jerk reaction to appease an ill-informed public who thinks that cats spread SARS. I don't see them culling stray dogs, for example, which shows that its a cultural/socio-economic thing (rich people own dogs: if they started culling stray dogs, the upper-middle classes would raise a stink) than a health issue.
ampulets said…
Your iffy kena the middle child syndrome, huh?

I've noticed how this 3-child-behaviorial pattern repeats itself not only in all human families, cat-human families, but also in organisations! Like in mine...i.e. between ministries (parent) and statutory boards (children).

what you say about stray cats vs dogs...maybe that's why stray cats populate HDB estates instead.
ampulets said…
Check out this cat furniture. Aiyoh, talk about upper middle class luxuries.
wahj said…
That cat furniture is really cool. The price isn't, but the concept is good.

With a good set of tools, and some plywood, one could make something like that by hand ... assuming one had the time.

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