Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Cupolas

the cupolas

I've always thought these two cupolas were among the most photogenic things on Fort Canning Hill.

Designed by George Coleman (the street named after him is close by, as is the Armenian Church which he also designed), they would be perfect places to sit down and have a break, except that mosquitoes tend to swarm around the still air near them. A much better alternative, is to sit in the shade of the trees, in the open air, where the breeze keeps insects away.

I took two cameras with me up to the hill yesterday - the D70, and the Cybershot 707, which I use exclusively for infra-red photography now. It's getting old and more than a bit wonky, and I'll need to find a replacement for it soon, but in the meantime, it's doing yeoman's work for these IR shots.

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felinda said...

would you share some details with us about how you use your digicam for infrared photography?
looking forward to it! :-)