A Dying Office Plant Reaches for the Light

a dying plant reaches to the light

My office plant has been dying slowly for the past few weeks. Born and bred and bought from Ikea, the poor fella was brought in replace his predecessors, who succumbed to a merciless regime of alternate over- and under-watering, compounded by an infestation of insects. We let the window ledge lie fallow for a month or two (hoping the pests would die out/migrate) before buying this plant to test the waters.

As you can see, it didn't work out. I'd like to blame the conditions here, but the reality is that other cubicles have plants that seem to thrive. Or are plastic - I haven't checked. It's probably a combination of neglect and ... um, well, just neglect. The fact this, my neighbour and I are so busy that we either forget to water the plant, assume the other has done it, or assume the other hasn't, leading to the plant either receiving no water, too much water, or both, in alternation. I took this photo of it at sunset yesterday: the plant almost looks as if it were reaching for the sun with its last breath.


sorry about your dying plant. strange that something dying can still make a nice photo.
wahj said…
In the right light, everything looks beautiful.
ampulets said…
Amazing shot! whoa....-TOHA

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