K spotted this man perched atop the billboard across the road. The visual juxtaposition of his precarious position with the giant "heavyweight" on the ad was what caught out attention.



ampulets said…
Hey W, really love your shots. I know it's probably the skill of the photographer. :) But what camera do you use? any good getting it? Considering to get a new camera. Nothing too expensive and should be portable. Got some kind advice from T. Probably a Point & Shoot, since SLR usually means you have to keep investing & it is rather heavy...- TOHA
wahj said…
Currently using a Nikon D70. K and I used a Sony F707 for a few years, but it's being repaired now: I still keep it around for the IR shots.

dpreview is always a good source of info about cameras. I don't know much about point and shoots, but Nikon or Canon are probably safe bets for cameras that'll serve you well as robust, good tools. T can probably tell you more about Canon. I think you can get some pretty full-featured point and shoots at reasonable prices nowadays. And yes, I fully agree with you about the weight ... but I end up carrying a backpack everywhere I go anyway, so it doesn't matter = )

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