I can't cook

OK. It's now been firmly established that I can't hold a candle to my wife when it comes to cooking.

Given the same ingredients (frozen spinach, cheese, spices) I managed to make a meal that looked like what you'd find deposited on the windscreen of your car, while my lovely wife made a dish worthy of a restaurant. Surf on over to her post (pictures and all) to see what I mean.

In my defence, I must say that my concoction didn't taste bad at all. It's just that, looking at the photographs, it really looks like some bird had massive diarrhoea over my plate.



ampulets said…
why do you have frozen spinach?!? Is this some latest popeye healthfood thing?
tscd said…
Wow. I'm impressed that she actually ate what you made. She must love you very much and have an iron stomach! ;)
wahj said…
= )

She didn't eat what I cooked. She ate her own cooking, and scrupulously avoided mine. But she did consent to taste it.
Tym said…
Her food looks much better, frozen spinach and all. Is this based on your mush recipe?

ampulets > Frozen spinach actually tastes pretty good, once in a while ;) in its own special frozen way.
wahj said…
eurr, but eet ees not so much a recipe as ... le technique, a mode,oui?

Yes, well, funny french accent aside, it's a mess really. I mean, honestly when I saw the photos, I had to admit it looked like s**t.

Speaking of funny accents, Speak Like a Pirate Day passed me by without so much as a yarr (except from T, who remembered). How disappointing. = (
mrs budak said…
Squeeze out the water when the spinach melts. You can then wrap your spinach cheese (get feta if possible) ingredients in filo pastry, bake and have a Greek party!

I love cooking with frozen spinach too.
fatgoblin said…
to be honest, I thought it looked better than the brown rice porridge....
sorry wahj, but from the moment you made the maggie mee that time, i thought it already established that "(you) can't cook".

but at least K has assured me that you make it better now! =)

p.s. sorry about bringing up maggi mee incident again...will try to make this the last time!

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