Why it's so difficult to get out of bed

Why it is so difficult to get out of bed

This, by the way, is the reason why it's so difficult to get out of bed: no sooner are you in than a cat curls up on top of you. You try looking a cat in the eye and telling her that it's time to get up, even while she's snuggling even deeper into the blankets..



mrs budak said…
That's one of the few reasons why our kitty is not allowed in the bedroom! (The main reason being fur.)

Now that she's banned from the bedroom, she serves as an alarm clock instead. By 6:30am, she'd be miaowing outside the bedroom door.
wahj said…
We thought we'd keep our cats out of the bedroom when we took in our first one (Patch).

We failed utterly. She meowed and wrangled and scratched and pleaded, and we gave in under the pressure. Too soft-hearted - no one can resist the cuteness of these cats. = )

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