Dark city

dark city

A view across the East Coast of Singapore.

My mental image of residential Singapore has always been a curious mix. One picture is of high-rise apartment blocks, with dark stairwells and dingy lifts - Eric Khoo's Singapore, as depicted in Mee Pok Man and 12 Stories, for example.

Another picture is of lush greenery, tree-lined streets, old kopitiams (coffeeshops), and shaded parks. This is the Singapore imaged above, but I somehow wanted it darker, gloomier: the original photo was fairly bright, from which I increased the contrast and lowered the brightness to get what you see above.



fatgoblin said…
I like this photo! It makes me think of some strange final fantasy setting. I've seen those houses many times but never really noticed how interesting looking they are! Somehow things look a lot more interesting when you take the colour out of it.

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