Functional, Beautiful, or Both

A while back, I read a piece of advice on the web: everything you own should be functional, beautiful, or both. Think iPod ... or iBook ... well, most anything Apple (except the old one-button mice, which were beautiful but definitely not functional).

sun worshipper

Most of the watches I own were presents from my wife. This one is one of the few I've bought for myself, and I had to think long and hard because it's also the most expensive one I've ever bought - but it fulfiled both requirements perfectly. A Citizen Eco-drive, it's solar-powered, and here it is on it's knees, worshipping the sun that gives it life. It was the idea of a solar-powered watch, more than anything else, that caught my imagination - that it would never need batteries, and would just keep on running as long as the sun was shining (and a good while after: the capacitor keeps it going for 5 months in the dark). Functional and beautiful.

It also replaces this watch here, a present from my wife, which I lost sometime back to my great regret. I only have this photograph of it now, taken on our honeymoon. (a thirty-second exposure: the glowing arc of circles is the chronograph hand moving while I took it)

30 second exposure

(I don't usually blog about the things I own, but since the girls are blogging about their handbags, I thought I'd join as best I could. =)



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