Lone House

Lone House 2

From my office I can see this house. It's the same house I could see as a student (my old school is quite nearby) from the train station everyday on my way home.

I always wondered who lived there, in what I thought (and still think) was an ideal location - an old colonial house, close to public transport yet hidden from the streets by trees at ground level, so you wouldn't even normally know it was there. It's a remnant of more spacious times, before the era of apartment blocks and crowded housing.



domgoh said…
Love this photo. Must be somewhere in Portsdown Road? A pity that such scenes are disappearing from Spore.
Wes & Jo said…
this stuff is sensational. i say to you wahj. shoot the stuff you are shooting on a 12mp and process it. pass to me and i will help you do something with them. need them in a series.
Anonymous said…
yea, I agree with domgoh. The house looks like a black and white peeping out from the trees from portsdown. I know it cos i live in one. Do you live in Tanglin Halt?
wahj said…
No I don't live in Tanglin Halt. This picture was taken from Buona Vista.
Anonymous said…
Close enough, Portsdown is adjacent to Buona Vista. But good picture, the angle is unique.

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