More White

White Things 2

I couldn't resist ... the whiteness of it all was too much - it was just begging to be photographed!

White Things 1

It was K's idea to photograph the new mouse next to other white things - which, thanks to Apple, I have a lot of. The mask though, was a pleasant surprise: I'd forgotten about it till she dug around for white things and found it in the study. No, the mask is not an Apple product ("iFace"? for all those times when you've lost yours?): it was a prop for a drama production.




ampulets said…
haha. going all crazy for whites. have the company contacted you about using your photos for their catalogue or something? :) I like the b/w one. Btw, this is probably a gamer kind of mouse, yah? how's this compared to the new apple mouse? - TOHA
wahj said…
It's a dedicated gaming mouse. I haven't compared it to the Mighty Mouse yet, but if you're not gaming, the Apple mouse should be more than great. The technical stats are weighted in favour of the Razer (higher DPI) but in the end, ergonomics is vital with a mouse. Part of my learning process with this new mouse is adjusting to a new way of holding it - which, strangely enough, is similar to the way I used to hold the Apple mouse many years ago (before I switched to other 2-button mice)
how about a photo with your white dice?

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