Of Moose and Meals

Poor Moose

Every time we eat at Dan Ryan's, they seat us underneath this moose.

It's a huge moose. Or, should I say, ex-moose, since it's most definitely dead and stuffed. Just the head as well, so perhaps we should call it a partial ex-moose. Either way, we always get seated at the booth with the moose head looming over our heads while we eat.

I've always felt sorry for the poor fellow - first to be shot and killed, then suffer the indignity of being stuffed and mounted. On top of all that, he now has to put up with these cobwebs, which are part of the halloween decorations, and though you can't see in this photograph, he has a bat hanging off one of his horns.

Somehow, he still maintains a stoic, long-suffering look in his eye.

yeah baby ... YEAH!!

On the other hand, here's this statue we spotted outside another restaurant, holding up a menu and grinning at you with a thumbs-up. I think he's meant to look like he's positively, confidently affirming the goodness of the food within, but he looks a little too cheeky to me: the first words that came to my mind when I saw him were an Austin Powers-esque "yeah baby ... YEAH!!".



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