north park

They're building a new park next to my office, and I've been watching their progress with great interest. Work looks almost completed, though they haven't opened it yet. The park stretches across the slope of a hill, and they've done an amazing job of preserving the existing trees and landscaping around them.

skybridge 2

I took these two photos a few days ago: the same view, but once in colour, and once in infra-red. I prefer the IR shot: for some reason, it looks to me like something out of the '50s. The building, fairly normal looking in colour, looks Modernist (to me) in black and white, while the sky-bridges lend a futuristic air to it, making the whole thing look like some retro science fiction scene.

skybridge 1



Tym said…
Wow, your pictures make the place look so beautiful. Not to say that it isn't, but your photography elevates it to a whole new level typically not associated with any government landscaping project ;)

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