Reading: A Feast of Crows, Calvin and Hobbes

Two things to report concerning books and reading.

A Feast for Crows

A Feast for Crows is finally out! George R. R. Martin's 4th book in the series (A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords) was so long in coming I was beginning to think it would be called A Rumour of Sequels. I'm chuffed, but the flipside is another 4 year wait for the next (and final?) volume. Write fast Mr Martin ... write fast ...
Calvin and Hobbes

I've never bought anything quite so heavy, but this might just be worth its weight in gold: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. Complete. I look forward to many a lazy Sunday afternoon curled up in bed reading this.



Tym said…
I was tempted by both at Borders on Saturday, but restrained myself. The latter would've been great for Ondine's 30% discount!

Happy reading! I still have to work through the first three Martin books.
fatgoblin said…
Calvin and Hobbes is my favourite of the newspaper cartoons! I love them!

The song of ice and fire, I'm sort of stagnating around the first half of part one of book 3.
wahj said…
Tym: why do you think I bought the Calvin and Hobbes? if not for the discount, I'd never fork out that much money.

FG: the series is worth the effort - soldier on! = )
domgoh said…
Love Calvin and Hobbes! Saw the collection in the shop, but couldn't fit it into my luggage! I'll just have to make do with my collection of C&H collections!

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