Too, too white

A visit to the Cyberathletes Pro League games being held at the Padang this weekend ended up with me buying a new mouse. Yes, it's a Razer. And yes, it's white ... cos it had to match the existing iBook ensemble. (incidentally, this is Razer's first Mac compatible mouse - and whereas every other mouse of theirs is black with ominous green, red, or blue accents, this one's all marshmellowy whiteness and purity ... they know their Mac users well)

At this point, all I can say about this mouse is that it is too, too sensitive. I feel like a truck driver put behind the wheel of an F1 racing car - even after I dial the sensitivity down to a low setting, the higher resolution (double that of my previous mouse) means that slight hand actions lead to the arrow hovering and moving even when I think my hand is completely still. Photo editing with this kind of mouse (as Terz pointed out) is a whole new kind of challenge ...

Incidentally, the CPL event wasn't as geeky as I feared it might be - none of those stereotypes of obscenely obese gamers wedged into folding chairs, bodies busily converting Mountain Dew into sweaty smells. People looked more or less normal ... more or less. About the funniest thing was the teenage couple going in that Packrat and I passed as we were leaving - he with a determined "OmigodI'msolatethey'vealreadystartedfragging" look on his face, she (being dragged along) plaintively asking "Are we really going in there?".



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