KL at Dawn

Kuala Lumpur Morning

K and I just got back from Gamecon1 at Kuala Lumpur. We didn't get to see much of KL itself, being stuck in the convention hall all day, and the rest of the time shopping for Christmas presents in the aptly named Megamall. In fact, I think we barely breathed KL's air in the 2 days we were there.

What struck me about KL was that it moves at a different - slower - pace than Singapore. The attrition of the traffic jams, the more relaxed pace at which people move, are all a bit alien to the Singaporean need for efficiency.

The other thing that struck me was that people (as in, the service industry) are, in general, more polite, and nicer. Genuinely nicer. There are the usual share of grouchy, curt, and rude people - but then again, you get those in Singapore as well, and there are less fake smiles going around.



ampulets said…
That's what Y & I noticed too, when we were at KL a few years back. The people are generally more kampong, more relax. Time seems to move slower too.

Btw, was wondering if you could give me some advice to me on what glue to used for sticking leather to thick rubber? Reason why I ask this is because of this new medicom StormTrooper, but part of the shoulder pad came off - it is a small strip of leather on the mainbody, sticked to the rubbery shoulder pad. Basically, what is a good glue to buy for gluing leather to thick rubber, without affecting the texture for both? Don't think the 'elephant' super glue will work, yah? - TOHA
wahj said…
I think Selly's has a glue specific for rubber and leather - can't name it offhand, but a good hardware store should stock a range you can browse through.

In theory, a good shoe glue should also work. I've used it to glue rubber soles back to leather uppers, so the same should work for your stormtrooper. This is the type of glue where you have to apply to both surfaces, wait 15mins, then press/clamp firmly together. The neighbourhood cobbler uses the same type of glue, but his comes in a can - get the more expensive type that comes in a tube. Just try to figure a way to clamp it tight when bonding - that helps a lot. Oh, and ensure both surfaces are clean - otherwise the glue will just stick to the top layer of dirt.
fortycalibernap said…
dunno glue, but that is one gorgeous photo.
ampulets said…
Thanks for the tips, W! Will go hunt down some Selleys/ shoe glue later. I also have a Ghost in the Shell Motoko's Porcelin model that is slighly broken. In short, I have a lot of gluing to do. :(

Oh, btw, congrats on your new imac. Tell me how gorgeous it works,once you have enough test-drive on it. :) - TOHA.

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