A short walk


Morning was spent on a very short walk round the neighbouring countryside. We had a chance to see the landscaped grounds of the hotel, beautiful in a manicured sort of way, with random bits of sculpture tastefully thrown in here and there - a few sculpted boulders, a ring of standing stones, a balinese shrine ... sort of New Age meets rural animism.

Outside the hotel grounds, our walk was ducks, paddy fields, more ducks, more paddy fields, cute ducklings - and one sighting of a stray dog making off with a duckling. Or a very large frog, which I prefer to believe, for my own peace of mind. A very, very large frog. I took so many pictures of the ducks, all of which, in retrospect and upon review, were horrible, hence the lack of duck photos here. The terraced paddy fields were nice, though not as spectacular as the ones you always see in tourisy brochures.

Paddy field IR
paddy field, infra-red

Besides ducks, living or dead, we also spotted this truly psychedelic spider. Don't know what species he is, but someone needs to tell him he's overdressed for the party.


On our way back, one of the farmers we passed by asked me to take a photo of him, which I did. Getting his address to send the photo on proved to be a bit of a challenge, but K's bahasa melayu proved adequate to the task. I'll have to remember to print the photo and send it to the hotel, whose staff have agreed to send the photo on to him.

palm tree moss
palm tree and moss

I've started a flickr set for the pictures from this trip, which can be found here.



Tym said…
Oh yah, duh, you're in Ubud. I kept thinking, paddy fields --- where's the beach?
nice photos!

hope you both are having a great time.

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