Checking in on the travel bugs

A year ago, K and I released our Before Sunrise-themed Travel Bugs, Jesse and Celine. Here's a little progress report, courtesy of Geocaching and Google Earth.

Travel Bug Jesse was dropped off in a cache in Vancouver on 6th Feb 05. Since then, geocachers have taken this travel bug through California, Utah, and now Nevada. All of which isn't anywhere near Vienna, but still, it's good to have it on the move ...1797 miles so far, and still counting. Quite a journey - from the cold of British Columbia, to sunny California, from Salt Lake City deep in Mormon territory, and now to a cache somewhere outside Las Vegas. A man of cosmopolitan and varied tastes, it would seem ...

Meanwhile, Travel Bug Celine was dropped off in Singapore, and has since made it as far as KL, by way of Thailand. I hoping some geocacher will take this Travel Bug out of Asia and a bit closer to Europe ...

Our original plan for these two travel bugs was to have them meet in some cache in Vienna (the movie will make things clear), but it looks like even getting these two star crossed lovers on the same continent will be difficult.



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