A close friend asked me the other day "Do you remember when we were kids, and it used to rain for days on end?".

I remember - one particular January it rained for 3 days in a row without stopping. I used to think that those days were past, but just recently it rained for a week - something I also remember painfully since I was on reservist training then, and we experienced the weather in the most direct way possible.

This January seems to be headed in that direction. What the rain lacks in intensity, it makes up for in endurance - it goes down to a dribble, and then rises to a proper pour, but never quite stops. Unlike Tym, who seems to like the rain, I'm getting quite sick of it already, in particular the whole shoes-wet-socks-soaked part of it. Here's to the hope of sunnier days ...

[If this post sounds familiar, it's because I've forgotten to mention this little thing called Metroblog Singapore, which I've been posting on for the past few weeks. One of the problems of posting on multiple blogs is the question of repeating material. I try to do so as little as possible (keeping my computer gaming, wargaming, and meta-wargaming blogs separate, for example), but eventually it happens, and this is one of them]


fatgoblin said…
the rain is driving me nuts. Everything is damp. Feel sleepy the whole day. Productivity is low. Plus I can't prime new figures to paint or varnish the old ones that are done.

Its quite late though isn't it? usually our decembers are wetter than it was last year and our Jan are drying I seem to recall.

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