Back, and browned

slow boat back home

Took this shot on the long and langourous boat ride home from Dayang. We drove through patches of rainy squalls, alternating with patches of blazing sun, occasionally startling a school of flying fish which would skip out of our way skimming over the waves, iridescent blue and green, quite unreal.

No sun, or flying fish in this shot: just the horizon, the prow of the bow, and my hairy legs pointing the way to Mersing. The boat ride back (rather than the snorkelling and swimming I did in Dayang) was responsible for the roasted brown tan that was received on Monday back at work with universal amazement/awe/shock. Something along the lines of "Where did you go?!?" was the stock greeting: it must have been quite rainy and dreary in Singapore over the weekend.

More pictures of the Dayang trip will follow another time.


avalon said…
Eeeeeee so hairy and brown.

P.S. Soon I will show you photos of your Botanic Gdn waterlilies - painted by kids Monet style. They are almost done. :D Thanks a million again!!
tscd said…
Your feet look very happy.
Tym said…
Stories about your altered complexion are starting to take on an epic quality. Post pictures, please!
wahj said…
Avalon: I look forward to seeing them!

Tym: not a chance. =)

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