High-rise hieroglyphs

hieroglyphs 3
larger version here

They're doing some repair work on the apartment blocks where I live, and the workers have spraypainted markings all over the walls. Irregular rectangles and blocks, with numbers next to them presumably indicating dimensions, "800x600", "2200x500", etc.

larger version here

I wonder if some future archaeologist, examining these walls, would think of them as hieroglyphs or perhaps some form of secret message.

hieroglyphs 2
larger version here



ampulets said…
like a massive piece of installation art
fatgoblin said…
you know you have gone off the deep end when you see a picture like that and immediately think how much time would it take to scratch built a 28mm version...

As an aside, a few weeks ago, went to see some show flats with my family for the fun of it cause my sister wanted to see. Spend an extraordinary amount of time inspecting their model trees. If no one was watching, I would have been happy to make off with a few... After seeing the two projects, my comment was, "the second one was nicer. Really xia ben qian. The trees were so much better."

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