Rainy thoughts

stormy skies 1

It's been raining, and I've been sick, and I realised this morning looking at the rain pouring down that I wished I were young again, so I could go and play in the rain, and not get sick, or get sick and not care.


nice photo and nice post.
fortycalibernap said…
isn't it a bit late to still be in monsoon, or is something else going on that i'm completely mistaken about (won't be the last time, as you're well aware :)
wahj said…
Well, in 2004, it rained about 2 weeks continuously in March/April. Slowed to a drizzle sometimes, poured sometimes, but never really stopped. So it's not unusual for recent years. Although I do recall that we didn't have much of a monsoon for a while in the 90s - El Nino maybe?

In general, I seem to recall that when I was a child, the monsoons were regular, and that when I was in my 20s, the monsoons became erratic.

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