Decay #1

Terz has already blogged about this, so I won't go into the details. The old Chinatown Complex was being closed down for renovation, and I joined him on one of the many days he was there photographing the slow demise of the place.

fish remains

Decay was the overwhelming sense I took away from the place - not so much felt when I was there as much as realised when I looked at the photographs I had taken. It's funny how you shoot one set of photographs looking through the viewfinder, and encounter another set of images when you review them. What you saw, what you thought you saw, and what you wanted to see, are completely different. God knows what your audience sees when they look at the photograph - bits of what you wanted to see, you hope, and something for themselves, if you're lucky.

The place was going to be torn down the next week when we were there. I found this casual piece of food detritus, fish remains, lying dried up on the table in the hawker centre, and it seemed to embody the sense of decay and neglect. No one was bothering to clean up anymore.



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