A 20 year appointment

Class Reunion 24 Aug

20 years ago, 3 of my classmates and I made a deal: to meet 20 years later, 12 noon on the same day, at the statue of Raffles by the Singapore River (yes, you've probably guessed which school we were from).

Well, today's the day, and though only two of us turned up, it's still a class reunion. We waited for a while, speculated about where the other 2 were, then adjourned for lunch at Indochine nearby.

A few things about this reunion that I never would've guessed when I was 13 and made the appointment:
- that only 2 of us would make it: I honestly thought all 4 of us would be there
- that, besides the 2 of us and the usual tourists, the only other people there would be a snake charmer and 2 albino pythons. I'm not joking about the pythons.
- that 20 years later I would still be in school ... teaching rather than studying - but I still had to ask permission to leave school early for this = )

We've made a follow-up appointment to meet in another 20 years - so I'm putting August 24th, 2026, right into iCal now.

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Anonymous said…
woah. cool sia. remembered you talking about it last time. fw!
RescuedMan said…
and you are absolutely worth keeping appointments with, friend :)

uncommon meditations on life follow in the wake of stuff like this. like how oddly ordinary this day felt. or what an amazing data diode time is. i still remember the L-shaped desk cluster we made the appointment at.

but who could have forseen the pythons?
RescuedMan said…
...and strangely, also in the spirit of the merely ordinary elevated by special construct, one more thing to mark the day:

today pluto officially ceased to be a planet of the solar system.

tscd said…
Wow. That is cool that you both remembered, you sentimental boys.
Stephen Chan said…
Hey Wahj! Stephen here! I was stuck in Jakarta on that fateful day and Damien was stuck in the US! Was just desperately trying to contact you guys by sending to your old email addresses but your's bounced! Then I thought of searching for wahj on the Net and bingo!!!

Talk more via email (stephenchan@pmail.ntu.edu.sg)! Do contact me back!! I've got Damien's contact.
Shang Shan said…
Hi Wahj,

Sorry I'm not in on this meet by the statue thing. Just wondering who turned up! If you want to talk, you can get me at chongss at gmail dot com

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