This is just getting ridiculous

My nose has been running non-stop for 2 days. My throat is red from coughing. My eyes are tearing. My dustbin is filling up with wads of tissue paper.

All because of the haze floating over from Sumatra.

Not only is it bad for the health, it's hurting the planet. Deforestation is the second largest contributor to global warming. While we're coughing our lungs out over here, somewhere over there Sumatra is going up in smoke. Rainforest ecosystems a few thousand years old are being burned down in a few days. They won't grow back.

We should just go ahead and paint a giant yellow box* round this country, because breathing in this haze is probably equivalent to smoking a few cigarettes – in fact, these forest fires have made a nation of passive smokers of the lot of us.

I'd write more but I have to go blow my nose again.

(* yellow box: used to indicate smoking areas in army camps. Also where the best conversation can usually be found. And ironically, for the next few weeks at least, possibly where the best quality of air can be found as well. At the very least, it won't be worse than just breathing in this)



Anonymous said…
sinus must be killing you man. take care. wes
hey wahj, not relevant to the post, but Leica is releasing the M8, digital rangefinder! Unfortunately costs much more than the epson rd-1... *sigh*

at least we can ogle.
Anonymous said…
hey guys. saw the preview on dpreview about the rangefinder. nothing on image quality yet. better to wait and see.

official launch in spore is in mid-oct. so you might want to take a look? ;-) wes
Shops here already taking orders last week... "limited stock".

Think AP had a review 2 weeks ago.
i figure that it's time for S'pore to use our S$100+billion reserves to build us a glass-dome to cover and air-condition our entire pretty little island. Sure beats buying shares in a Thai company and getting them angry at us.
Anonymous said…
hey hey,

saw a sample pix of the m8 on clubsnap. looks good, at least on websized image. the weather is better i hope? wes

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