Friday, December 01, 2006

Pseudo Mediterranean

Pseudo Mediterranean, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Our apartment block used to be painted a pleasant mix of green, white, and a dark russet red-slash-brown. It was one of the reasons why we chose to buy a flat in this block.


This is why the wife and I were quite unhappy when they repainted everything earlier this year. It's not even really "white" now: it's just a shade of Bland that a contractor probably needed to get rid of.

There's beauty in everything though. I got out of bed on a sunny morning a few days ago and, with that clear bottomless blue sky in the back, the tops of the neighbouring blocks looked like those "Greek Islands" calendars with their stunning blue skies and whiter that white mediterranean houses. I'm glad I stumbled out of bed to take this photo while it lasted: the clouds moved in soon after, and the scene became unmistakeably tropical.

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