Serious about naptime

domesticity, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Of the three cats in our house, Twinkle is the one that is serious about naptime.

If you walk into the bedroom in the afternoon, more likely than not you'll see our three cats asleep on the bed. Patch will already be awake and staring at you when you walk in: she's nervous, insecure and won't want to take any chances: after all, you could be a threat to her. Or perhaps you're trying to take her to the vet again (horror of horrors). Either way, Patch doesn't take any chances.

Iffy will also be awake, but looking at you eagerly rather than warily: she's hoping you'll want to play, or better yet (from her point of view) go to the toilet. Iffy always wants to go to the toilet. It's a strange habit, probably related to the fact that she was quarantined in the toilet for her first week with us, sick as she was. Now she seems to think the toilet is her own special space, and always demands to be let in. Once in, she's content to curl up in one corner and watch you do whatever it you're doing in the toilet.

But Twinkle.

Twinkle, on the other hand, will crack open one eye, stare at you grumpily, and snuggle her head deeper into the blanket. For Twinkle, you see, is serious about naptime.


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