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He's quite the little terror.

The vet had advised us to keep him quarantined for 3 weeks, but he meows every day to be let out of the toilet. We finally let him out last night, and he proceeded to have his run of the house.

We were worried how the other cats would react, but they surprised us all.

Twinkle hissed at him and avoided him - perhaps forgetting that when she first came to us, she was hissed at by the other cats. Iffy perched on the table and looked askance at him with absolute disdain, as if to say "Such a silly little thing, running around and chasing his own tail" - forgetting that when she was a kitten, we thought of naming her Anklebiter because she used to tear around the house at top speed chasing everything.

hiding on the ironing board

Patch retreated to the ironing board to get away from him. All our cats have, in fact, surrendered the low ground to this little kitten, who has de facto run of the floor level - only, I suspect, for as long as he is too small to jump higher. When he grows older ... well, I think he's gonna rule the house ...

Oh, and the name is because of the "M" on his forehead - see?


Tym said…
Yay, new cat in the family! Glad he's got a good home :)
wahj said…
yes ... you can stop feeling guilty now about not being to take him = )

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