baby poster

An industrial estate is the last place I'd have expected to find a baby goods emporium, but there it was. And not one, but two megastores full of prams, diapers, and everything else a baby could possibly need. Also full of (I might add) pregnant women; pregnant women with children in tow; pregnant women with husbands, fathers, mothers and mothers-in-law in tow ... you get the idea. Very dangerous maneuvering in those tight corridors - bellies sticking out everywhere, and the horrible potential for a most embarassing bump in the wrong place.

I should mention I was there to help packrat pick out a pram for his imminent twins. In the end we picked out a rather nice sporty looking one (not as sporty as we would've liked - but the double prams were limited in range). Could have had nicer rims though. And the suspension ... still it was quite a nice ride, as prams go.

Oh, and the photograph: an old worn out poster hanging outside, next to the car showrooms and workshops (as I said: an industrial estate is the last place I'd have expected to find a maternity goods emporium). I thought it was quite funny how the pram place had a couple of old worn out prams parked right outside, in the same way a car workshop would have a car parked outside as an indicator of their business. Anyway, the poster was really creepy - the mixture of the baby's smile, and the flaking sun-bleached, dilapidated surface of the poster.


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