D.I.Y. Mask Repair

On our last dive trip, I used a spiffy new HydroOptix mask, bought from the local distributor. I took it down to a max depth of 35m over 6 dives, and it leaked from the first dive onwards.

At first I thought it was a poor seal at the edges, but towards the end, the mask would flood dramatically, especially on ascent. It wasn't till all 6 dives were over that I took a good look at the mask and realised I was diving with a cracked mask. In particular, the mask had cracked near several of the screws that held the front plate to the mask.

I wrote off a warranty claim to HydroOptix, and to their credit, they were prompt and efficient in their response (5 points to Gryffindor, straightaway. In fact, let me say from the start that the customer service was as good as you could want, given the innate problems of internet sales). They indicated that the local distributor (whom I had bought the mask from in the first place) would send me a replacement. Cool.

Today I got the replacement, hand delivered to my doorstep (another 5 points to Gryffindor). A replacement front plate (ummm ....). Which I will have to install myself (ah .....) , following some very detailed instructions that specify to the number of turns each particular screw has to be tightened, for example.


Some weekend in the near future, when I can find a few contiguous hours of uninterrupted time, I'll be sitting down with a Phillips screwdriver and a hopefully steady hand to repair something which I will, in the near future, stick on my face and take down to 30 metres and 4 times surface pressure. And I will be hoping that I didn't do it wrong and have the thing smash itself against my face.

Note to self: bring spare mask down on next few dives.


hey, maybe i can ask my dad if he can help! =)

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