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leaf and darkness

One of the nice things about finally getting a car (more about that in another post) is mobility. When I started this current job almost 2 years ago, I found I no longer had the time for my photography that I used to: the working day would simply end too late for me to get any meaningful photography done.

I took the camera out yesterday, and drove off to Fort Canning Hill after work. The car makes it easier to get to locations like Fort Canning, which offer some spectacular infra-red shots, but only in a small window of time around sunset, when the combination of light and angle makes IR photography easier (a higher proportion of the light is IR at sunrise and sunset, due to the low angle of the sun, which also makes it easier to catch sunlight reflected off the leaves into your camera. At noon time you'd be looking up and catching IR light filtered through the leaves' translucency, plus it's really hard to get the exposure right in that situation).

The first shot was taken in bright sunlight, but with the filter blocking out the visible light, and the flash turned on and exposure dialled down, the leave seemed to float out of the darkness.

ghostly banyan

This second shot was looking up into the canopy. More about the Fort Canning excursion in another post.


Anonymous said…
nice. more sombre shots. you work has changed.

either that or you lcd needs calibration.

hur hur
wahj said…
"you work has changed. either that or your lcd needs calibration."

Haha. Very funny, mon amis. =)

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