shooglenifty 1, originally uploaded by Wahj.

A few days ago I didn't even know who Shooglenifty were. I kept trying to find out what the name of the band was in between songs at WOMAD, but that was hopeless - it was either loud music or loud cheering, so all I heard was "sugarnifty", "sugartweety", "sugalsweety" etc. I had to buy the CD to find out the spelling. When some friends asked us to join them on the top of the hill for Shooglenifty's set, the gist of the description was "Come see them, they're crazy Scotsmen", and that seemed good enough.

Anyway, this shot was taken over the heads of the crowd: that would be Angus Grant, the fiddler, stretching his hands out to the adoring crowd. It really was a good, high energy, performance: I wanted to sit through it but that was impossible since everyone else was on their feet and jumping.


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