Sushi bar philosophy

Decided to eat at the sushi bar tonight since I thought dinner would be late, and I was in town anyway. Tried a little experiment: I decided I'd pick a random number (as usual, 7) and simply count that number of plates that went by, and eat whatever it was ... just for the heck of it. It could've been worse - I ended up with egg sushi, and something that looked like chopped fish of some vague sort. Guess it's character building - teaches you to live with what life gives you and just take it as it comes.

In other news: finally got the car washed! Whoopee. Looks twice as new as before =) I'm also close to choosing a name for it, but I have to think about it for a while. If anyone wants to suggest a name, it's a greyblue Toyota Vios (I always tell people that the shade of greyblue is similar to French WW1 Horizon Blue camouflage, but only people like the Napnuts get that).


Anonymous said…
sushi roulette. dangerous man.

for ze car... how about "NICOLETTE"? very french hor? then you can tell people, "I am going out with NICOLETTE" or "I'll be taking NICOLETTE for a spin".

wahj said…
"Nicollette" sounds like a Renault (in fact, there was an ad campaign for Renault Clios that used a "Nicole")

Has to be something more ... robust? Zees Toyota, she is not a flimsy European model, no? She has... eurrr ... how do you say in Eeengleesh ... character, non?
Anonymous said…
oui oui, je comprends. how about... OLGA? zees a good european name... perhaps like she's on steroids, no? OGLA for teh win? wes
wahj said…
Olga?!?! What do you think she is - the East German swim team?

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