Feeding time

What do you do when it's a been a lousy week at work? You go out and buy a carnivorous plant for your little high-rise garden, that's what. When we first moved into this house, I had a pitcher plant that did quite well, but it died when we got our first cat. It's been 5 years since my last attempt at carnivorous plants, but I now have a Venus Fly Trap. I also bought a nice flowering pot, but I must confess that was merely an adjunct to the Fly Trap - reasoning that the flowers would attract insects, some of which would surely feed my new pet.

Speaking of feeding pets, we bought a new brand of cat food called Serengeti, which claims to be protein-rich and minimal on grains, thus emulating a wild cat's natural diet. They're serious about it: take a look at their feeding instructions at the back, which lists recommended daily intakes from kittens to lions (although it is a bit pointless to list the 2.4kg per day recommendation for lions on a 2kg pack of food). I wonder if Mac feels a little more lion-like after his meal.


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