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My long awaited Amazon order arrived today, just in time to cheer me up on a typically lousy Monday.

From top left:
Stardust, widescreen DVD.
Presentation Zen
Blade Runner - the Ultimate, Final, Everything You Ever Wanted, Edition. Please let it be the last Director's Cut!
69 love songs, The Magnetic Fields.

Now, to consume them all ...


(1) I had forgotten what an atmospheric movie Blade Runner is.  The term "ground-breaking" is regularly used for all sorts of things, but this movie genuinely is: it set the benchmark for style, and it set the tone and mood for so many other movies to follow.  In it's vision of the future, it is eerily prescient in generalities (if not in specifics), and the special effects are seamless enough to date well.  After more than 20 years, it still holds its ground against movies like Minority Report, and is truer to the spirit of PKD's books than the latter.  

The only thing about massive box sets like these (besides where to store them) is the feeling of obligation to watch every special feature, and listen to every commentary track!  I haven't even finished going through the LoTR box sets ...

(2) The Magnetic Fields are brilliant.  I've been looking for this album for some time now, but the local HMVs don't stock it consistently.  Admittedly, there's some slip in quality - the drive to crank out 69 love songs leads to some of them being short one-trick pony pieces, but overall this album is a blast.  Almost as good as "i", which I think is still my favourite album from them so far.


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