More media than you can shake a stick at

I have more books than I have time to read; more DVDs than I have time to sit in front of a TV; more CDs than I have time to savour. I download podcasts from BBC's In Our Time and listen to them on the morning drive; I watch TED talks when I'm waiting around to meet people; I carry a book with me to the canteen when I have my lunch and coffee breaks. I still can't read, listen and watch faster than it piles up.

I used to savour albums one by one, and read and re-read my Sci Fi books till they fell apart (my old Asimovs in particular were read to pieces); now I have a pile of shiny new books that I don't have the time to read through even once, not properly, and CDs where I've not bothered to read the inserts or ponder the album art.

I have more media - more information - more data - more stuff than I can consume. Add in the video games (some of which have very rich narratives and story arcs) and this adds up to a huge pile. We live in such a media-rich, information-rich environment that each of us - every single one of us - probably has more data than the Library of Alexandria. That's the Library which was considered the sum of all human knowledge (well, in the West at least ...). That's a mind-boggling thought.


Tym said…
Plus, you know, you're creating more content by writing a blog post about it :)

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