Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mac, fearless ...

... and more than a little daft. If Macavity were living in the wild, he would be the kind of cat who would find himself up a tree, mewling piteously, while some poor fireman climbed up a ladder to get him down - because even in this small apartment of ours, he regularly finds a way to climb up to spots where he subsequently can't get down from.

After a few minutes of meowing, when he figures out that we're not going to help him down, he usually manages to get down by himself.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More serendipity

This is one of those weird moments. I was walking along the Esplanade yesterday, and I realised that the construction noises from across the Bay were melding together rather nicely into an almost-musical pattern. I don't know what they were doing - piling works, some sort of hammering noise - but it came our rather tuneful and tone-ful, and more importantly, had a rather neat rhythm going on. Depending on whether you like these things, you'll either find this incredibly banal or intriguingly serendipitous. Enjoy =)