Sunday, November 16, 2008


Laksa, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Nothing beats Laksa for breakfast. Except maybe prata. Or Nasi Lemak.

But Laksa still edges, marginally, past them all.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chopin in the Gardens

chopin statue, botanic gardens 1

A recent addition to the Botanic Gardens is this statue, donated by the Polish Embassy, of Chopin. It looks a bit strange at first sight - two figures in period costume at the top of the hill, and the piano keyboard is strangely abstracted, looking like some synthesiser, adding a slightly anachronistic touch to the whole thing ... as if the sculpture can't decide if it's traditional realist or some fancy abstract idealist thing ... but still it makes for some nice photos.

chopin statue, botanic gardens 2

The Botanic Gardens were a regular haunt for me every school holidays as a child, and I have very fond memories of it. There are many 'happy' places for me left - places where the resonances are all positive - places were I can take emotional refuge - and the Gardens are one of them.