I have been reminded umpteen times by the wife that I haven't posted on this blog for quite a while, so I thought I'd finally post an update on few things that have happened - mostly trips abroad.

Let's start with Melaka:

Our second driving holiday in Malaysia. There's something nice about driving yourself on holiday - besides the fact that it's cheaper, it keep you closer to the ground, literally, but also figuratively in the sense you see more of the country. Chasing a double rainbow on the North-South highway driving home was an added bonus - she drove while I desperately tried my hand at that obscure field of photography called "Digital Infra-Red Rainbow Photography (moving vehicle sub-set, high-speed category)". Suffice to say that, had the shots turned out well enough to show, they'd be here.

face glimpsed through a door

Melaka was a nice quiet town to visit for a day. I'd say it reminds me of what Singapore was like in the early Eighties, when I was growing up, except it feels like the time warp is even longer than that - the seventies, it feels like. Life on Mars Melaka, as it were.

We stayed at a lovely little hotel (read: "boutique", as they mostly are nowadays - we don't really have a tradition of Bed and Breakfasts' in this region, unfortunately, so the evolutionary niche of "Hotel, Small, Quaint and Charming" has been filled by the boutique hotel ) called the Majestic, with a lovely attached spa, and enough Peranakan vibes to keep even the most hardcore TCS fan satiated.

the majestic melaka

No, we did not get enough Peranakan food. This fact alone makes a follow-up trip more a necessity than a possibility.


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