Though I've never been to Penang before, I have been to countless Penang Hawker food events at various hotels in Singapore - so it's quite something to finally get to Penang, and actually sample that same food in its natural environment. Although I tried very hard not to let the context influence me unduly (everything on holiday just seems better because (a) you're on holiday and (b) you have a vested interest in creating a positive memory, to justify the expense and trouble of all that travel) the food did taste better. Food-wise, Penang is all it's cracked up to be.

The G Hotel is slightly more cosmopolitan than we imagined ... I thought it was some sort of beach hotel, but it turns out that Gurney Drive overlooks more mudflats than beach, and the hotel is next to a shopping mall - well, to be fair, they're so close I'd call them conjoined. This is not a problem for Singaporeans - we just inserted more shopping into our plans =)

red moon over penang

After dinner, we had a short walk along Gurney Drive, and saw a red moon rising over the horizon. By the time we started photographing it, it was more blood orange, and over the course of our attempts to take a clear photo, it became yellow. The locals must've thought we were made, the way we contorted our bodies trying to find a stable spot for the camera.


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