Penang: it's the food

penang gurney drive IR
View over Gurney Drive

So our little trip to Penang is over, and we're safe at home with the cats. The verdict on Penang: it's the food. I hate to say this, but all the historical heritage in Georgetown couldn't drag us away from the food. Now, next time I visit Penang, I'll soak up the history in Georgetown till it comes out of my ears ... but this trip was for the makan.

No 17 Jalan Irrawaddi

Not that that's all we did. There was some time for some history of a more personal nature - my wife went looking for her grandma's old house, which in the end we figured isn't standing anymore. All we have are pictures of where it might have been - but it was an interesting walk to get there, and it's something less than usual for us.

But in the end, it was all about the food =)


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